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Volunteer | Dani's Duds
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Dani’s Duds would not run without the help from its volunteers. Every individual is crucial to ensuring our event runs smoothly all week.

Volunteers work a four (4)-hour shift in exchange for the very first chance to shop – before anyone else! – on Friday night. Volunteer shifts cover all aspects of the event: Set-Up, Receiving, Consignor Sale, General Public shopping on Saturday & Sunday Half-Price Day, and Breakdown.

How to Become A Volunteer
  • We release our volunteer calendar (containing all the available shifts) approximately a month before the start of our sale. As a member of our mailing list, you will receive the announcement first via email.
  • As soon as the calendar is up, we ask you to send your top three shift choices to Shifts are first come, first served, so in case we cannot assign you to your first choice, we will go to the next one.
  • Once you are verified as a volunteer, you will receive a welcome email with instructions about your shift and the private volunteer sale.
  • We understand that emergencies may occur, but if you cancel your shift and do not reschedule, or do not show up and do not provide us with a replacement, we make note of this in our records. More than one occurrence will jeopardize future volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer Private Sale
  • Volunteers are invited to shop at their own private sale from 5:00-11:00 pm on the Friday night of our weeklong event, before we open our doors to the general public.
  • Volunteers receive their special private sale entry pass after they complete their volunteer shift. If they signed up for a shift after the private sale on Friday night, their name will be on the list at the door.
  • This pass admits one person only to the Friday night sale. No spouses, friends, or children of any age!
  • Holding areas are available at the store, but volunteers are welcome to bring their own carts, wagons, laundry baskets, bags, and more to help gather items as they shop.
  • *NEW* Volunteers who work the 9:00 am Sunday morning shift can shop the the half-price sale early at 8:00 am.
Set-Up Shift / Monday Morning
  • Shift times: Monday, 9am-1pm & 1-5pm
  • We arrive at the event location on Monday morning to unload the truck full of our equipment, tables, clothing racks, bins, and more.
  • Following a floor plan, we place and set up tables, attach signs to each designated section, size the clothing racks, etc.
  • This shift is activity-heavy, with lots of lifting, walking, moving, etc. If you are pregnant, we advise you choose a shift during Receiving.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a lunch.
  • If you are in the second shift, you will also be involved in consignor Receiving.
Receiving Shifts / Monday-Friday
  • Shift times: Monday, 1-5pm & 5-9pm | Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9am-9pm | Friday, 9am-1pm
  • Consignors start arriving on Monday at 2pm with their items.
  • A staff member will teach you how to check their items, and inspection guidelines are passed out at the beginning of each shift.
  • You will be going through each item of clothing, every toy, pair of shoes, furniture, equipment, and more, for rips, stains, tears, missing pieces, damages, etc. If any item is not in “like-new” condition, you will reject it. Rejected items get a red “R” marked across the barcode on its tag. Be ready to explain your rejected items to the consignor.
  • Once the items have been inspected, if Receiving is not busy, you will help the consignor place those items on the floor in their designated areas.
  • We will help you inspect all other items. For example, electronics must come with working batteries, car seats cannot be older than five years, all furniture and large toys must be assembled and displayed, and so forth.
  • If you are both a volunteer and a consignor, you may bring your items with you when you work to be checked in either before or after your shift.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a lunch/dinner.
General Public Sale Shifts / Saturday & Sunday
  • Shift times: Saturday, 9am-1pm, 11am-3pm, & 1-5pm | Sunday, 9am-1pm, 1-5pm, & 4-8pm
  • Your primary job during selling hours will be to help at checkout. Staffers will be scanning items onto the computers as you help separate and bag the merchandise.
  • Up front, our main goal is to make the lines run as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • It can get busy, but the time flies, and before you know it, it’s free lunchtime! We provide lunch both days of the weekend.
  • Along with the checkout line, you will also be helping maintain the holding area, helping customers on the floor, keeping merchandise organized, and keeping an eye out for any theft.
  • Please feel free to engage the customers, and help them where needed.
  • Remember, Sunday is half-price day, so let customers know that any tag that includes “Discount: Yes” will be 50% off.
    • *NEW* If you work the Sunday morning shift at 9:00 am, you can arrive early to shop the half-price sale at 8:00 am.
  • We do not allow customers to take clothing into the restrooms to try on, and all purchased merchandise must be bagged and knotted in clear trash bags so we know it went through our scanners.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, lunch is included.
Breakdown Shift / Sunday Night
  • Shift time: Sunday, 4-8pm
  • At 5 pm on Sunday we begin breaking down our equipment and packing up the remaining items for donation. Consignors can collect any unsold items before closing, and anything left over is donated to the Salvation Army.
  • We bag and box all the clothes and toys, collapse the furniture, and gather all the merchandise in the back of the hall for pick-up. Salvation Army brings their own trucks and workers to load the donated items.
  • Then we break down our own equipment, stack tables and chairs, fill bins, and load our own truck to be stored until the next sale.
  • This shift is activity-heavy, with lots of lifting, walking, moving, etc. If you are pregnant, we advise you choose a shift during Receiving.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a snack.