How Dani's Duds works: If you want to consign at one of our sales you need a consignor's code number. Over 55,000 families have been involved with Dani's Duds since our beginning 20 years ago! Yes, our daughter Danielle (Dani) is now in college, wish her luck when you see her... Donnie has been in college since August... Kathy & I are in the poorhouse, paying for college...

Prepare your items as we require, and then bring them during our receiving times. No appointment necessary. We check every item. You do not need a consignor code to buy. If you don't have a consignor number/code, or are not sure, or have forgotten it, e-mail us at Don@DanisDuds with your full name (middle initial too, please), street address (optional), and phone (optional). We'll e-mail you back a number, good forever, or as long as you like.

Then, you need to prepare your items as set forth in the guidelines.

We are very selective: Nothing may be stained, ripped, torn, broken, incomplete, or even dirty. If you wouldn't buy it; please don't bring it. We check the items as you bring them in.

You do not need an appointment to consign your items, just come in on one of the drop off/receiving dates. You may bring children during receiving, but please supervise them at all times.

You will need to put your clothing on hangers. Check out Craigslist, or Freecycle, search on "hanger." Sometimes cashiers at Walmart will give you some. Also, every time you bring things to your local cleaners, ask them, sometimes they give out extras. Also, check with us as our sale ends, we give away all the extra hangers.

You do all the pricing for your items. You should carefully walk that fine line between getting as much for your items as possible and making sure the items sell. Some help: What would you pay? What would it go for on ebay with shipping? Craigslist, with pick-up? The general rule of thumb is to start at half retail. There are many exceptions: Supply, demand, and condition are the main criteria. If you price it too high, it won’t sell, and both you and Dani’s Duds lose. Price it too low, and we both lose again. We split the selling price with you, 50-50.