Straight from the source, we went to Kathy for some of her best consigning tips and tricks. It’s hard to narrow it down when you have her wealth of knowledge, but read on for some great advice.

  • There is no limit to the number of items you can bring in.
  • The best time to drop off your things is Monday (2-9pm) or Tuesday and Wednesday (9am-9pm).
  • Sell only items you would buy – this means items in good shape, unique, etc.
  • If you use a bin or laundry basket to bring your things in, put your name on the bin. Masking tape works well. If left behind, we can let you know.
  • Have a system in your house for storing items to consign. Bins/boxes work for small items. Since clothing needs to come in on hangers, hang your clothes in advance, and cover with plastic to keep dust free. Ask your local dry cleaners for their extra hangers. We accept all types of hangers.
  • Make sure everything is clean and does not have any stains, tears, holes, rips, missing buttons, broken zippers, or cigarette odor. If you find something that has a flaw, and is fixable, put it aside and tend to it as soon as you can.
  • We will accept children’s clothing for any and all seasons, but if you’re pressed for time, prepare the current or upcoming season first – those sell the best.
    • Maternity wear is seasonal only.
  • Print your tags on card stock only. Plain paper will tear, and tags will get lost.
  • Organize your items when you bring them in for inspection. If you’re bringing clothing, group them by size. It will be faster to put on the floor. Clothing sets sell best for younger children. For example, shorts/overalls/slacks with top, or skirts/jumpers/leggings with top. If you have an outfit that has matching leggings, sock and/or hat, make sure they are sold together.
  • How to secure clothing: Attach tags only at the end of the left sleeve inside the hem. Use safety pins or a tagging gun with plastic attachments.
    • Do NOT attach tags to the front of the garment or put holes in the clothing. NO straight pins.
  • Shoes/boots/flip flops: Make sure they are clean, heels are not worn, and toes are not scuffed. When preparing your shoes, write your seller number on each sole and fasten them together with shoelaces, buckles, Velcro, rubber bands, zip ties, or the like.
  • Make sure all toys are clean and contain all the pieces. Assemble small items in a bag (Ziploc work well), and secure multiple pieces together. Packing tape is the better taping system, as long as the items are nonporous. All electronics that require batteries must have working batteries. Need extras? Buy some at your dollar store.
  • All books are accepted. Children’s books of any size and subject, Pre-natal and Child Rearing instruction books, and adult books, including novels, cookbooks, how-to’s, hobby, travel, reference, etc.
  • When preparing tags for books, puzzles, games, crafts supplies, paper, or cardboard, use blue painters tape – less likely to tear the surface.
  • No bikes with rust. Nothing with rust.
  • We accept household items. Home décor, kitchenware, small appliances, bathroom accessories, area carpets, furniture for every room of the house, garden pots, planters, and more.

If you have any questions about consigning, read all about the process here, and don’t hesitate to email