Consignors are in charge of preparing, pricing, and tagging all their own items through our automated online database. When consignors bring in their items to be checked during Receiving, Dani’s Duds staff and volunteers inspect merchandise for any wear and tear. When items pass inspection, consignors distribute their items on the floor, and the rest is up to us!

As a benefit, consignors are invited to their own private sale on the Friday night before we open to the public. Commission checks are sent out within one week of the last day of the sale.

New Seller Registration
  • The first step to becoming a consignor is to get a seller number. Use our Contact form or email with your first name, middle initial, and last name.
  • After you receive your seller number, head to to create an account and register for the upcoming sale.
  • New users should click on “Create user Account” on the home screen.


  • On the next page, fill out all required (*) details to make your account.


  • After you click “Create Account,” you have one more step to go. Fill out the seller number assigned to you by us. Consignors may NOT make up their own seller number! If you do, your items may be confused with another user, and you may not receive your commission check. Next, click “Register Me.”


  • Congratulations, you are now a registered Dani’s Duds consignor!
Upcoming Sale Registration
  • Once you have an account, you are ready to begin entering items into our system.
  • First, you must register for the upcoming sale.
  • Return to and click “Login” to enter your username and password and be taken to the home screen.



  • You are now registered for the next sale and can begin entering your items into our online system.
Entering Inventory
  • When you are ready to begin creating tags for your items, click the “Enter Items” tab on the home page, and make sure our upcoming sale is the default selection.
  • We accept any and all items for children, newborn through teen, as long as they are in new or like-new condition, e.g., baby equipment, toddler toys, electronics, nursing accessories, books, shoes, outerwear, costumes, clothing (all seasons), high chairs, swings, outdoor & sports gear, and much more.
  • We accept home goods, decor, kitchenware, furniture, bathroom accessories, and more for every room in the house as part of our Family Corner.
  • We do not accept adult clothing (even-numbered sizes), but seasonal maternity wear and Junior sizes are OK.
  • We accept books, music, movies, and gift items for all ages.
  • Once you have gathered all your items, you can fill out each box of the Add/Remove/Edit page with the proper details: Price, Discount will default to ‘YES’ (uncheck if you DO NOT want your item to go for 50% on Sunday Half-Price Day), Size, Descriptions, and Category. Click “Add Item” when all the required information is filled out.
  • For pricing, we suggest you start at half retail then add or subtract 10-20% based on brand and quality. Click here for our suggested pricing guidelines.
  • You may create the same tag for a number of items by selecting a new quantity of tags to be produced, such as for books.
  • The “Donate” button is automatically checked and cannot be changed. If you do not want an item to be donated at the end of the sale, you must pick it up.


  • When all information has been entered for each item, you are ready to print your tags.
  • We lock the online registration system on Friday morning at 6:00 am, so you cannot enter any new items/tags after that time. However, you can still print keyed-in tags after the system is locked.
Pricing Guidelines
  • Below is a PDF link to our suggested Pricing Guidelines.
  • We recommend you start at half retail then add 10-20% based on brand name and quality.
  • Just because an item is not listed does not mean we don’t accept it. These are merely suggestions and ideas.

Pricing Guidelines – updated 4/17

Transferring Inventory
  • You can transfer items you picked up from past sales under the “Manage Inventory” tab and within the “Item Transfers” secondary tab. Choose the original sale the items were sold at (“Transferring From”), the new sale you want to transfer them to (“Transferring To”), and select each item to be transferred; you may select more than one item at once. Then reuse the same tags already attached to the items.consign9
  • If you are transferring items from multiple pages of pre-existing tags, you can only transfer items one page at a time. Select all items you wish to transfer from Page 1, hit “Transfer,” then repeat steps on any other pages.
Printing Tags
  • Once you have entered your items, you can print the tags you have created.
  • Click the “Print Tags” tab at the top of the page. Select all the items you want to generate tags for, then click “Generate Tags.”
  • consign7consign8
  • Tags are created eight to a page, so it’s best to select tags in multiples of eight so they print evenly enough for you to cut cleanly. Print on light or white cardstock only.
  • Make sure your printer is set to Landscape, and not Portrait. That way the tags print large enough for our scanners to read.
Tagging Merchandise
  • Make sure all tags are printed on light or white cardstock.
  • Do not cut off or obscure the barcode at any time.
  • When preparing your items, presentation is key! Securely and fully display an item/toy/set any time you can.
  • Attach tag to the left side of the clothing (your right when facing you) on the inside hem or seam using a tagging gun or safety pin. Do not put a hole in the clothing or attach tags to the front of the items.
  • All clothing must be hung.
  • The hanger curves in the opposite direction of the tag (toward the right sleeve or pant leg).
  • You may use safety pins to hang pants, but attach pins to the top of the hanger so they do not slide into one another.
  • For shirts, attach tag to hem of left sleeve.
  • For pants, attach tag to hem of left waistband.
  • For skirts and shorts, attach tag to hem of left leg.
  • For dresses, attach tag to hem of left underarm or left sleeve.
  • We no longer sell tagging guns. You can purchase one online. Click HERE for a tagging gun for purchase via Amazon.
  • Use blue painter’s tape to attach tags to books, puzzles, games, and other porous items, and use clear packing tape to secure plastic, metal, or non-porous items.
  • All electronic toys must come with working batteries. We sell batteries on site for $1/battery.
  • Head to our Gallery for various tagging video tutorials.
  • Receiving times: Monday, 2:00 – 9:00 pm / Tuesday-Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm / Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Noon)
  • No appointment necessary
  • Consignors must allow approximately 30 minutes for Dani’s Duds to inspect their items depending on how many they bring in.
  • Do not arrive late; we will not accept your items, and you will have to come back another day.
  • When you arrive, see Don at the front desk to check in and receive your special pass for your private Friday night sale.
  • Staff and volunteers will check for rips, tears, stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, worn-down shoe soles, damaged toys, and more. Every item is judged on a case-by-case basis, but we are looking for the best quality merchandise. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t bring it!
  • Any item that does not pass inspection will be rejected. You have the opportunity to take that item home and wash it or fix it and bring it back before the end of Receiving, or you can leave it with us to be donated.
  • Once all items have been inspected, consignors place their items on the floor according to related section.
Private Sale
  • Consignors are invited to shop at their own private sale from 6:00 – 11:00 pm on the Friday night of our weeklong event, before we open our doors to the general public. (Note: This is a new time – Volunteers & Consignors now shop on the same night at different times.)
  • Consignors receive their special private sale entry pass when they bring in their items during Receiving.
  • This pass admits one person only to the Friday night sale. No spouses, friends, or children of any age!
  • Holding areas are available at the store, but consignors are welcome to bring their own carts, wagons, laundry baskets, bags, and more to help gather items as they shop.
  • Consignors may pick up any items that did not sell before we close at 5 pm on the Sunday of our weeklong event.
  • We suggest waiting until about 3 pm in order to give items a chance to sell on the last day, but do not arrive late; we lock our doors promptly at 5 pm in order to begin breaking down the sale.
  • You can track which items sold on your My Consignment Manager profile. The database of sold/unsold items is updated and reconciled each night after the sale (except Sunday’s sales) under the “View Settlement” or “Manage Inventory” tabs.
  • When you arrive to pick up your items, we recommend bringing a print-out of your unsold items so you can track down merchandise. We do not gather or assemble your items, you need to find them yourself.
  • If you can’t find an item, you may assume it was sold or donated.
  • Once you have found all your items, bring them to the front, and sign out with Don.
Commission Checks
  • Standard commission is 50% on all items sold.
  • There is a $10 consignor fee per sale, deducted from your commission check.
  • Checks are sent out within one week of the last day of the sale, along with a letter from Kathy and a receipt from the Salvation Army for any of the items left behind after Pick-Up that are donated.