As you know, Celebrate! Fairfax was our official 2016 spring sale sponsor (say that five times fast), and this past weekend at their summer festival, we were a CF sponsor! Ah, symbiotic relationships, how we love thee.

Before we recap the weekend, let’s take a quick minute to chat about why we love these festivals so much. We firmly believe that if you have a kid under the age of 16 (give or take), you can benefit from our sale. Or rather as Don likes to put it: *points to family with kids,* “You need us.”

That’s our bottom line – being able to aid families and kids of all kinds. We accept great quality merchandise and sell it at affordable prices. A lot of the items still have their original tags on them. We all know kids grow so fast, with interests in so much, that it is easy for things to go unused and money to be wasted. That’s where we come in: sell your items at our sale to make up some of the cost, buy new items at a discounted price that you’re not afraid to let get dirty or broken or loved by your kids. We are a great resource, and we want everyone to know about it. Hence our booths at different festivals! We love meeting new folks and connecting with a wider audience.


Now, onto the festival. We found ourselves in a lovely corner booth at the entrance of Children’s Avenue waving to all the smiling faces of kids and parents alike (that’s all of you!). We also brought along prizes for kids and parents: a spinning wheel and a $50 gift certificate respectively. While we know a shiny necklace or funny sticker would surely appeal to the adults, we figured a credit to come shop in the fall might be of more appeal. 😉

It was hot, it was windy, but it was a lot of fun, and we are so glad we were able to be there! We’ve said it before, and we mean it: the 25th Anniversary this fall is going to be a hoopla of fun times, so you better get pumped up…starting now!