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About Us | Dani's Duds
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Meet The Family

Dani’s Duds was named after our daughter, Danielle. Her birth spawned the idea in 1991 when we realized some of her duds (clothes) were never even worn before she outgrew them. We wanted other mothers to be able to recycle their barely worn or unused children’s things. And like our stuff, we wanted them to be first rate. You’ll see Dani and our son, Donnie, at the sales alongside Kathy and Don. We are a family business, through and through! While Don is retired now, the rest of the family keeps busy enough for him. Dani lives in San Diego working in corporate event planning. Donnie is in Houston, TX working at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Kathy, who sets the tone for “busy,” works part-time for Fairfax County Public Schools, and has been a full-time realtor since 1998, never too busy for new business and referrals.

Meet The Staff

The first Dani’s Duds sale was comprised of 1,500 items. Kathy visited endless yard sales and moving sales to collect merchandise to start with. She washed, ironed, and cleaned the items and then recruited the first 28 consignors to bring their items to the sale. The sale employed the owners’ family in a small 1,500 sq. ft. storefront in Vienna. Now the sales occupy 50,000 sq. ft., accumulate up to 100 times the number of items they did originally, and employ roughly 15 staffers and anywhere from 30-100 volunteers. We used to complete all the tagging and pricing for our consignors before each sale (occupying the space for two extra months in order to do this), but now we are fully automated. Before we went digital, all tags were handwritten and collected during purchase, then sorted for many days after the sale. Most of our staff have been with us ten years or longer, and we could not do it without their help and that of our volunteers. The 2016 Fall sale was our 25th Anniversary!