Just what is Dani's Duds?

Northern Virginia's
largest (some sales as large as 150,000 items) & one of the oldest (1991) baby/toddler/ child recycling/ consignment events...


merchandise at the last sale was donated to the Salvation Army & Goodwill.

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Even larger, over 150,000 items!

We still have three openings on the volunteer calendar!

vol cal

The spring sale is this week!!!

Selling to general public April 26th & 27th...


in the Sugarland Crossing Shopping Center,
47100 Community Plaza, Sterling, VA 20164.

Consignors: You must have a consignment number
from us in order to start setting up your items.
If you are not already on our email list,
send first, middle initial, and last names to Don at
He will not only put you on our email list;
but he will e-mail you a consignment number.

Then, go to www.myconsignmentmanager.com/danisduds
to register with them and start tagging your things for Spring, 2014.

Kathy's Consignor Tips/Tricks

    1. Don’t print your tags on ‘bond paper’ but use 60-62lb card stock. This is much more secure. Paper will and does tear.
    2. DO NOT pin (or attach) your cards/tags in the front or at the neck of the garment. They are making ugly holes. Look for the seam or hem of the clothing and attach your cards at the end of the sleeve on an inside seam, still properly regarding the hangar. We sell tagging guns; see note below.*
    3. All electronics and battery operated items MUST have working batteries included when consigning. If the item doesn’t have a battery, we can sell you one for $1. We have all sizes, A, AAA, C, D, 9Volt. Buyers want to make sure items work.
    4. When consigning and you are using laundry baskets or bins to bring in your items, put your name (or consignor’s number) on the bottom of your containers. Many are left behind. If they have an ID, I can contact you so you may rescue the bin. Masking tape works well.
    5. Please make sure there are no missing pieces in puzzles or games.
    6. When attaching cards to books and boxes, use only blue painter’s tape. NO scotch tape or packing tape.
    7. All prenatal and parenting books can now be found on the adult book table.
    8. Absolutely, NO bikes with rust.
    9. Use only packing tape to secure toys. Blue painter’s tape is too flimsy.
    10. Maternity clothing is seasonal only; except for nursing wear, lingerie and bathing suits
    11. Write your code/seller number (with price) on the bottom of each shoe. When tags are separated, we can still ID the item.
    12. Find extra hangers at your dry cleaners, dollar stores. Modell’s throws away its extras.
    13. Best times to come in to consign is Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday.
    14. SHOPPERS – We have a HOLDING area – look for the red balloons.
    15. SHOPPERS – FREE ENTRY for all pregnant ladies and military (with ID).


    *NOTE: Dani’s Duds sells tagging guns, with needle, 500 plastic attachments, and instructions for $20 postage paid. All you have to do is mail a check for $20 (made out to Dani’s Duds) to PO Box 710044, Oak Hill, VA 20171. You could buy one from us when we set up shop, but that would only give you a couple of days to prepare your items. You can also find them on line and prices vary, but we wanted you to have the opportunity to order online as well, so we found three places for you. Please keep in mind when you order, that you make sure you also include all necessary parts and accessories.

    Tagging gun links, where you may buy your own online:
    http://www.storesupply.com/c-797-ssw-regular-tagging-guns.aspx http://www.palaydisplay.com/Tagging-Guns-p-1-c-212.htmlhttp://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=490652011

You may not bring your kids with you when you volunteer.
You may bring your kids when you consign items, just make sure you watch over them so they don't disturb others. You cannot bring kids,
or even your spouse, to the first days of the sale.
No kids are allowed until noon on Saturday,
after then, 12 & under, free.
We do this to keep our kids safe.
We very nearly had a tragedy, many years ago.
When you do bring your child, please,
make sure you watch over him, her, or them...

The section called the Family Corner is an area of the sale that offers furniture and collectibles for all rooms of the house and for the entire family; for example: Bedroom Furniture, Night Tables, Chest of Drawers, Bookcases, Dining Room sets, Armoires, Hutch/Credenza, Sofas/Couches, Upholstered Chairs, Mirrors, Frames,
Rockers/Recliners, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Desks,
Office Chairs, Porch/Deck Furniture, Small Area, Carpets, Exercise Equipment, Yoga/Pilates accessories...

We also take books, videos, DVDs,
and CDs for all ages. We all need entertainment,
at least when the kids are sleeping. The last of our kids
is still in college, but they both still sleep all the time.

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment.

credit cards taken

We have had sales with nearly
150,000 pieces of high quality merchandise.
We now hold sales two or three times a year,
We have been in business for over 20 years in Northern Virginia
with great bargains on children’s clothes, shoes, boots, dress-ups,
uniforms, toys, games, books, puzzles, dolls, cars & trucks,
crafts, sports gear, musical instruments, baby equipment,
accessories and furniture, cribs, strollers, swings, high chairs, exersaucers,
outdoor play equipment, bikes, trikes, jogging strollers,
toys, more toys, books, electronics, software,
as well as books, CD’s, and DVD’s for all ages.
You do not need to sign up to shop,
but you will need to pay $10 to get in.
Those who consign and/or volunteer at each sale get in FREE
at those sales as well as shop on earlier special nights...
Plus they each get five extra free sale tickets to give away.
If you want to sign up to receive a consignor number
IT'S FREE! and our highly off-sale and before-sale,
non-sale, infrequent, hardly-ever-sent, very fast to read
(did we say truly sporadic?) e-mails,
send your first and last names, middle initial too, if you have one,
to Don@DanisDuds.com.

BTW, need to buy, sell, or rent a home?

E-mail or call Kathy...